Installing Trend Micro Apex Central and its DB on the same server

Md. Mahim Bin Firoj
5 min readFeb 23, 2024


Today we will be installing apex central along with its sql db on the same server.

Download the apex central and its patch from the above link.

Execute the apex central installer first. Although there are some pre-requisites that you must install before, otherwise you will encounter by an error. Don’t worry, i will show you what are those pre-requisites.

These are the pre-requisites that you must resolve before you install apex central.

From here we leave everything untouched and click next.

Started our installation.

After the installation is done, we again execute apex central installation file. This time we hit by 4 errors. So we again need to install some roles and features.

Expand Security section under Web Server section.

Then again click next on Features part.

Click Install.

After installing this part, we have encountered by 3 errors.

Let’s fix the above three errors.

Here you need to click on first ASP.NET 4.8, then ISAPI Extensions and ISAPI Filters and .NET Extensibility 4.8 will be automatically selected. Then you also select ASP and CGI. Then click Next, Next and install.

This time apex central will continue to install.

You need to provide your apexone license code here. Both the code are same.

Provide the apex central login username and password.

If we have separate database configured prior, then we can go like the above. We need to provide the sql server ip which is and instance name which is TM_APEX1_DB

Or we can install the sql server in this same server. We choose this one.

Installation done.

We can access the web page. Now we need to install the patch.

We have downloaded the patch before. Execute that.

We have found that tcp ip protocol is enabled but no 1433 port is there. This is because apex central will connect to the database locally. May be using 1434 port. Still we have assigned the port 1433 here and restart the sql service.

Upgradation is also done.

After logging in to the apex central you may see that your license is expired. Don’t panic. Just click on the Update License Information.

Now let’s install sql server management studio in this apex central server to log in to the db.

Restart the server.

As we can see database has been created.

We can also connect with the sa account.

I hope this writeup will help you to install apex central and db in a single server. Next I will show you how to connect apexone with apex central.

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