How we can take system backup and restore backup using Acronis tool

Md. Mahim Bin Firoj
5 min readFeb 1, 2024


Say you have come across a scenario where you have to give os in 30 computers. The computers are in same configuration. For the sake of simplicity, say we are assuming that you need to install 100 application on each computer. And you have to complete the task within 1 day. How you can do that efficiently? Here comes the use of Acronis. When you use Acronis then you only need to prepare the 1 computer with 100 applications. The rest of the tasks will be performed by Acronis.

As of now I am skipping how to create bootable rescue media of acronis. I will add that in this post later. Let’s see how we can take backup first.

Key steps:

  • Create acronis bootable media. A pen drive of 2 GB at least suffice the needs. We need another pen drive or external drive size of 500 GB. This external drive size is variable. Depends what will be your backup size.
  • Connect bootable pen drive and external drive on the system and boot with acronis.
  • Take backup and save it to the external drive.
  • Restore backup from the external drive in another system or the same system. Say you have taken your C drive image backup and you have uncertainly corrupt your OS or any ransomware attack. In those cases you can restore easily.

Taking Backup:

When the acronis boots, you need click on Disk and Partition Backup from Backup menu.

Select Disk 1

The size of the Disk 1 is 512 GB nvme SSD. We have created two partition there. C and D. Disk 2 is the pen drive of 60 GB that is used to boot the acronis bootable media. We also have connected 512 GB Adata Ventoy SSD external hard drive connected but that is not shown here by Acronis media.

Click on Browse

Now we need to point out where our image backup will be saved. It will be saved on our external drive.

Select your external drive. In this case Ventoy (G). Then click on Generate name. MyBackup.tibx name will be generated. Then click on Ok.

Click on Proceed.

Check the box. The process has started and the system will restart once the task is completed.

Restoring Backup:

Now go to another machine where you want to restore your backup. Connect the acronis bootable media pen drive there as well as the 500 GB external drive where you saved the image backup.

Once the acronis media boots up, you will see the above screen again.

From the Recovery menu, click on Disk and Partition Recovery.

If your external drive is connected then Acronis will auto detect the backup file. If not then you need to click on Browse and point out the location of the external drive where backup is located.

Click Next

Here it will show you the exact date and time when the backup was created by you. Select the date first and then time.

Now it will show you what to recover after analyzing your backup file. Select the Disk 1 and click Next. You may notice this is the same thing that you took backup some time ago. This is the source from where you want to restore the backup.

This is the destination drive where the image from source will be overwritten to. Select the Disk 1 and click Next.

Now it will warn you that everything present in the destination drive will be deleted by Acronis. Click OK and Next.

A summary of what will be done. Click Proceed.

Check the box. The system will reboot once the process is done. Then you will see exact same thing on the destination system as the source system. Both systems will be identical after the process completes.


I have test this in a environment where source and destination computer’s hardware are same. I will test it on different hardware configuration and update this post.

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