How to take Trend Micro Apexone SQL database backup and restore in disaster situation, Part-2

Md. Mahim Bin Firoj
4 min readFeb 4, 2024

In our last blog we saw that how we can take the apexone database backup and restore from the same server.

See the above link please before getting into this blog.
In this blog, we will tell you the knowledge of taking the backup either locally and take it to the remote db server and restore the backup from that remote server.

Use Case:
Say you have installed apexone with sql db in the same server. Now due to overload or performance issue you now want to separate your database server.

So in the remote db server you need to take your backup file that you created in the last blog. Also, in that remote db server, sql express server should be installed. Recommendation is you should use the same version of sql express server in the remote db server. From the source db server either we can take the backup manually (that you saw that in our last blog) or we can take the backup and restore using Veeam backup and restore solution. Either of the approach will just work fine.

Let’s start the process:
Here I am not gonna show the full steps because you already know how to install sql server.

You can specify any name for the instance.

Say your sa account’s password is Admin@123$
Please note it down. It will be required to access the db using sa account.

Once the db installation is done, then install management studio.

Turn off the firewall from the db server so that it will not block the sql server port 1433 or you can create a firewall rule to allow that port 1433.

Now enable tcp/ip protocol and port.

Now restart the service.

Now most important process. Copy the backup from your source db server where apexone is installed with db. You already know how to take backup manually.

The source db server location where manual backup was saved

Now take this backup and place it any location to the destination db server.

Now login to the destination sql server using the local administrator account. I hope you already know this how to.

Restoring db

Now click on the Device radio button and then click on three dots. Then browse where your db backup are located.

We can see that the database has been restored.

Now we need to connect the apexone server with the newly database using SqlTxfr tool from the apexone server. So go to the apexone server. is the server where we installed the new sql expressed db. You need to provide the sa account’s credentials that you provided at the time of installing 2nd sql db server installation. After the test connection is successful then start the process.

Click Yes
Click Yes


Now log on to the server to check.

I hope this writeup will help you to overcome the disaster recovery scenario. I would like to thank my colleague Mohammad Alamin for the joined RnD.

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