How to take Trend Micro Apexone SQL database backup and restore in disaster situation, Part-1

Md. Mahim Bin Firoj
4 min readFeb 3, 2024

Today we will see how we can take apexone SQL database backup and restore the same from the same server. After restoring the database we need to use the SqlTxfr database tool to connect the sa account against to the database.

This is our database. We have logged in using Administrator tool via sql server management tool. In this same server the apexone and database are installed and server ip is and hostname is apexone01.contoso.local

At the time of installation we have used sa account. But in the above ss, we have logged in via administrator account. If you forgot the sa account’s password then you can reset that (by clicking the Security > Logins folder. Then right click to sa account > Properties > Change password) but remember you need to again connect to the db using that sa account password by the SqlTxfr tool. The same goes for administrator account.

Click on the Add button to save the backup file in your desired location.

It will give you a default location to save the backup after giving a backup file name. But you can choose your own by clicking the 3 dots.

We have created a folder called db_backup in C drive. Then we gave the backup file name to continue.

Now click ok to trigger the backup process.

backup is saved

As the backup is taken so now login to your apexone web console. After logging in change some settings and remember what you have changed. Then we will delete the database and restore. After restore we should not see the newly changed settings. Then we will assure that it works.

Now just right click to delete the database.

From the Database dropdown when you select the APEXONE01-ApexOneDB, then automatically it will select your last taken backup file.

Or from the Device section you can point out your manual taken backup file.

Now click on Ok to start the restore process.

Backup has been restored.

Use the tool in Administrator privilege. Provide sa account or admin account’s password whichever you used during apexone installation. Then test the connection.

Now start the process.

Click Yes
Click Yes

Finally click yes to close the program.

Now check if you successfully login to the console or not.

I hope this writeup will help you to overcome the disaster recovery scenario. I would like to thank my colleague Mohammad Alamin for the joined RnD. Thank you.

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