How to protect a windows system with RSA SecurID 2FA, Part-3

Md. Mahim Bin Firoj
4 min readMay 12, 2024




In this part, we will install the token generation windows app and test the authentication.

We have already installed authentication agent in our part-1 blog. Now in this blog we will install windows RSA securid token app that will generate token code for us. Please note, we can install this kind of token generation application in either windows or mac or android or ios devices. In the lab, there is no possibility to install and configure mobile application because the authentication manager is not exposed to the outside world. That’s why software application or hardware device from our end unable to reach the RSA AM lab environment.

After the installation, launch the application.

Click on Import from File.

Remember in our part-2 blog, where we downloaded the software token from AM and transfer it to winagent1.

You set a password previously. Provide that password.

You can change the name as testuser and click OK.

Now token code will be generate like this. This type of same app you need to install on your mobile. These are called software based token or token code.

Now time to test:

RSA control center application you need to download and install. In lab RSA already provide us this application for test.

Now click ok. The next prompt will tell you to set a PIN.

Say you set the PIN as 1234.

Now here you need to provide the pin + tokencode together.

Authentication succeeded.

Now assume you have this software token generation app installed either in your phone (you need to configure and activate that, that is out of scope of this blog) or handheld token i.e. SID700 or SID800. In both the channel the process is same. In your windows login prompt, you need to provide the passcode which is pin+tokencode. Then you should successfully log in to the machine.

This is the end of this blog series. I will bring more content soon regarding RSA.

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