How to fix TryHackMe data-ciphers (2.4.7) openvpn error

If your openvpn version is 2.4.7 then you may face this error. The result is you will not be able to connect to the tryhackme server.

How to fix:

  • First edit the *.ovpn configuration file. Say your file name is Avi.ovpn
  • At the number 14th line you will see that data-ciphers AES-256-CBC is written.
  • You need to change this with the following.
    cipher AES-256-CBC

Now try to connect with the tryhackme server again using the following command:

openvpn avi.ovpn

You should successfully connect now. Check with ifconfig to get the vpn tunnel ip.

For windows, you just need to re-browse the newly edited .ovpn configuration file. Then it will connect.