Configure SQL database for Trend Micro Deep Security Manager

Md. Mahim Bin Firoj
5 min readFeb 1, 2024

Previously we have shown that how we can install deep security solution with oracle db along RHEL 8. You can see that blog link from below.

In todays blog we will show you that how we can prepare SQL db for deep security manager. We will not show you how we can install deep security manager in windows because the process is same. We just show you how you can configure SQL db and connect to the SQL db at the time of deep security installation.

We need to follow the above Trend Micro’s official documentation while creating db attributes.

Let’s install SQL db first in windows server 2016.

We have downloaded sql express server which is free and this will suffice our criteria. If you have less than 50 agents and you are ok with the default 10 GB db size limit of sql express then you can proceed. Otherwise it is recommended to go for sql paid version.

Click there to install the db

In production network, check the box to update.

Let this process to finish
Click next
Click next

For deep security, you need to create the instance first. Then db also needs to be created. But in apexone, you just need to provide sa account creds and instance name. It will get in and create the db for you automatically.

Check the box also set the startup type automatic of sql server browser service.

Provide the sa account password. We can continue with the sa account. We don't need to create any additional account because sa account does have the db_owner rights. Still we will create a user account and give that account required permission to see you the things.

Almost done
Click close

Installation is done.

Now we need to open SQL server configuration manager to enable tcp/ip protocol for DSM_DB along with the port 1433.

Enabling the protocol
Enabling the port
Now restart the service

Turn off the firewall from this server so that it can be reachable from the deep security manager server. You can also create firewall rules to allow this specific port.

Now we will install management studio so that we can connect with this newly created db instance.

Management studio requires .net framework 4.7.2 so install it before continue.

Installation done

Now let’s login via the sa account.

As stated earlier, we need to create the database.

Sa account will suffice but again we are creating another account just to show you the process.

In production use strong password policy. Now click on User Mapping.

This one is optional. We replicate this from sa account’s settings.
User is created.

We can connect using the newly created user.

Now if the both servers have reachability then clicking next will take you to the next page like below.

Now from here rest are same. You can do this I guess. Please let me know if you stuck in any phase.

Thanks. I hope this writeup will help you to install deep security manager with SQL db without facing any difficulties. Please share if you find this useful and subscribe below.